19 Photographs of Individuals Who Have a Bad Quarantine Than you

1. COVID-19 shut down the dental school I was getting work done on for the next month. Wish me luck!

source :pester21

2. Went Into My Attic Looking For A Water Leak Coming Into My Living Room And It Appears That I’m Also In Quarantine With This Whatever Monstrosity Left This Behind. Its Soft To The Touch So I’m Assuming It’s Still Around

Source: lvnwk

3. Can’t Explain To My Cats The Gravity Of What They’ve Done

source : watanabelover69

4. We have been forced quarantined for 48 hours. Notice the empty street and the closed gas station and these guys managed to get into a crash.

source: clopz

5. Governor Just Ordered All “Non Life Sustaining” Businesses To Close, Including Construction And Contractors. This Is The Current State Of My Only Bathroom

Image Source: CarsonWentzylvania

6. My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It

Image Source: KThingy

7. 1st Day Of Family Quarantine. TV Dies

Image credits: TinyTownFamily

8. It’s Better Than Nothing

Image credits: nicknack605

9. Poor Kid

Image Credits: Are_You_Ok_Mate

10. So My Fridge Doors Just Fell Off

Image Credits: CaptnRaz

11. Lost His Blueberries

Image Credits: theshaeman

12. My Friend Went To The Apple Store Today Because He Broke His iPhone XS Both Front And Back. They Told Him That Because Of Corona The Repair Service Was Temporarily Closed. He Then Chooses To Buy The 11 Pro Which He Then Dropped When Opening The Box

Image credits: Motherhazelhoff

13. HS Teacher Remote Teaching. Our Platform Generates Unique Classroom Codes For Each Course. For My Course, I Have To Screenshot And Send “Jizzin’ To God” To All My Students

Image credits: JakeyMcSwain

14. So My Fridge Doors Just Fell Off

Image credits: CaptnRaz

15. Dropped My Charger Cable Behind The Desk To Then Go And Plug It In – It Landed On The Power Strip. And Turned It Off. My Computer Was On That. And So Was My Work

Image credits: Student_Arthur

16. Bought 60 Doughnuts For The Office Today To Celebrate My 20th Birthday, Only To Be Told I Need To Self Isolate/ Work From Home For The Next Week

Image credits: Peencub

17. Someone Forgot Their Bag Full Of Groceries

Image credits: mikaelasloth

18. That Online Session Didn’t Go Well Then. Not Surprised At All, These Next Few Weeks Are Going To Be Hell For Teachers & Parents

Image Credits: twenty20reddit

19. Can You Spare A Square?

Image Credits : exaggeratedmodesty

Featured Image credits: pester21

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19 Photographs of Individuals Who Have a Bad Quarantine Than you

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